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Experienced and open, Kendalyn for Mayor

During my 8 years on the City Council, I have heard from hundreds of you. Residents approach elected officials to help navigate a system that can feel complex. A good mayor is a listener, first and foremost. Residents deserve to be listened to and treated with respect. I’m passionate about hearing you and representing your voice. I care about you and the challenges you are facing. I am a collaborator. I am accessible. 

I am enthusiastic about Bountiful’s future and believe it must be developed intentionally with a robust public process. I commit to focusing more clearly on economic development and will work with existing and new businesses to promote vitality and to lessen the tax burden for residents while being mindful of balance for businesses, housing and outdoor recreation. I look forward to being an ambassador for our City whether it’s interacting with young residents at school assemblies, engaging with businesses that are a good fit for Bountiful or representing Bountiful at County and State levels. I’ll lead City Council meetings in a welcoming and collaborative way. 

I’m a proven and reliable leader who seeks input from you. I’m ready and eager to represent you as the next Mayor of Bountiful. 

Meet Kendalyn

Harris FamilyKendalyn (Keyes) Harris (46) was raised in Bountiful, Utah and is the daughter of Karl and Cozette Keyes. They taught her she could achieve her goals with hard work and she believes them. She was Mayor in 4th grade at Meadowbrook Elementary  which is just west of “The Bubble” (the Rec Center for those under 30) and has wanted to be the Mayor of Bountiful ever since. After graduating from Viewmont High, she earned Bachelors degrees in Political Science and Communications from the University of Utah. That same year she married Bountiful native James Harris (yes, they have gotten past the Viewmont-Bountiful rivalry). When James proposed, Kendalyn said “I’d love to marry you, but I need to give you fair warning that I plan to run for public office – it’s just something I’ve always felt called to do.” James has been on board ever since supporting her just as she supports him in his business and other endeavors. 
Kendalyn served as an intern at the Utah State Legislature for two fine Representatives and was elected President of the Senate in the Utah Intercollegiate Assembly. She worked as a Traffic Reporter and a DJ (weekends at 107.5 “The End”) during her time at the U of U where she was also a Student Court Justice, K-UTE 1620 AM Station Manager and Homecoming Queen. 
SLC Mayor Deedee Corradini appointed Kendalyn to the Community Development Block Grant Board where she served from June 1997 until July of 2001. Kendalyn worked as an Olympics Housing Rental Coordinator with Coldwell Banker during the Olympics and an Office Supervisor at the University of Utah Hospital. She summarized news stories as a News Archivist at Utah News Clips and was later elected as the Finance Chair at the University Student Apartments where she served for two years before her family moved back to Bountiful in 2005. 
Being elected to serve as the President of the Davis County Republican Women gave Kendalyn great opportunities to become engaged in local issues and to get to know community leaders. She then worked as a Non-partisan Caucus Education Ambassador giving presentations to groups on “how to get involved in politics at the grassroots level” and was later elected to serve on the State Central Committee, the governing body for the Utah Republican Party, for 2 years. 
Kendalyn has given countless hours in schools, church and community service. She has canvassed neighborhoods for voter registration drives and helped on several campaigns. Kendalyn has been honored to serve two terms (8 years) on the Bountiful City Council which has given her valuable insight and experience.
During her time on the City Council, Kendalyn has worked to be a voice for residents including working to implement a Public comment period at every City Council meeting. She listens carefully and truly cares about the issues Residents face and works to represent everyone in our community. 
Kendalyn and James have four children ages 21-14. They love this community where they rub shoulders with many of you at soccer games, band concerts, theater productions and other community events.

Kendalyn's Priorities

Kendalyn Harris

Your Voice

Kendalyn demonstrated her commitment to hearing residents concerns by her work to implement a public comment period at every City Council meeting. She pushed for surveys for residents to get more input. She continues to listen, collaborate and work to find win-win solutions. Listening to residents and representing your voice is the single most important thing to Kendalyn.

Your Vision

What do we want Bountiful to look like in 20 or 50 years? Collaboration with the Council, Planning Commission, developers and Bountiful Residents is crucial to carrying out a successful long-term plan. Bountiful's foresight (or lack thereof) on development, vacant businesses, water, air quality, trails and outdoor recreation will directly impact generations to come. Kendalyn led in working toward the creation of a new City Master Plan so Bountiful can work toward intentional zoning and planning and mitigate growth.


A vibrant business sector 1) creates jobs, 2) gives us a sense of pride in our community and 3) provides tax dollars for the city so the burden is lighter for resident property taxes. During her time on the City Council, Kendalyn started an annual Bountiful Business Symposium to allow local businesses to connect, learn useful information for their businesses and to increase communication between the business sector and the City.


Maintaining Infrastructure is a crucial responsibility of the City including delivery of clean water, quality roads, reliable electricity, garbage pickup, snow removal and parks/trails maintenance at the best possible price.

Fiscal Responsibility

Kendalyn works to keep taxes, utilities and fees low in Bountiful City. In considering City purchases, partners and services, she encourages a competitive bid process from City departments and supports the lowest quote to stretch taxpayer funds. Kendalyn supports policies that minimize financial impacts and carefully reviews City budgets . Protecting resident's money is a fundamental key to City health.

Property Rights

Kendalyn has a track record of standing up for your right to maintain full control over the use and management of your own property while balancing the community's interest in safe and well-maintained neighborhoods.

Past accomplishments & future goals

  • Over the Last 8 years, while on the City Council, I have been a part of hundreds of ordinances passed adding to the improved efficiency of government and improved results for Bountiful residents.
  • Worked to implement a Public Comment Period at every City Council meeting
  • Listened respectfully to residents concerns and worked to resolve them from helping new businesses get started, updating an ordinance to allow bee-keeping, leading the charge to reverse an ordinance restricting business flying flags and many more
  • Asking the City to use surveys to get more public input 
  •  Led the charge for an updated Master Plan for Bountiful to consider growth and redevelopment and mitigating impacts
  • Started the Bountiful Business Symposium for business owners
  • Contacted businesses and communicated with the City Planning Dept to provide information about resources for businesses during Covid. 
  • Served as a liaison for the Bountiful History Commission 
  • Brought a TEDxBountiful event to the City
  • Served as the BCYC (Youth Council) Advisor 
  • Served on the Bountiful Planning Commission
  • Nominated and honored retiring Bountiful business owners 
  • Voted for the Veteran’s Park as well as many other projects/advancements in the City
  • Commits to staying within budget to develop new park at the Washington Elementary site and building trails (voters approved the bond). Looking forward to getting in-depth direction from public open houses and surveys. Feedback I’ve received shows the most support for pickleball courts, fields and a skatepark. 
  • Excited to consider options for Fiber to home infrastructure. I will support expansion of fiber if subscription rates cover costs. Not in favor of a plan where residents are charged who don’t need/want improved internet service.
  • Interested to work with the Power Dept to create a more win-win solutions for homeowners that choose Solar power generation without other residents subsidizing the cost.

Government is not always the answer. Consider Susan Cheney with her family’s Christmas music production they put on for the community for decades or Dalane England with her Freedom’s Light Constitution Days event. These people are the kind that make Bountiful great. The windstorm from Sept 2020 is another example of how people in Bountiful came together to help their neighbors. Bountiful city and our Emergency Response Team of volunteers worked in conjunction with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and residents to expedite cleanup and relieve suffering. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when we don’t care who gets the credit. As the future Mayor of Bountiful, I believe we will find the best solutions by being open to many ideas. I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve great things in our City’s future. 

Join us in supporting Kendalyn for Mayor!

  • City Councilwoman Kate Bradshaw
  • Former Mayor Joe & Lavon Johnson
  • Former Mayor Bob & Lois Linnell 
  • Former Councilman John & Wendy Pitt
  • Former Councilman Tom Tolman
  • County Commissioner Randy Elliott
  • Former Commissioner Bret Millburn
  • Former Rep Becky Edwards
  • Former Rep Richard & Janice Siddoway
  • Centerville City Councilwoman Tami Fillmore
  • NSL Councilwoman Natalie Gordon
  • Justin Allen
  • Kandee Allen
  • Suzie & Christopher Anderson
  • Adam and Bridgette Anderson
  • Jay & Laureen Anderson
  • Jenny & Brady Anderson
  • Kathleen Bailey
  • Brent & Cindy Ballif
  • David & Becky Barnett
  • Sam Bawden
  • Benj and Meagan Becker
  • Susan & Dean Becker
  • Deborah Bell
  • Laura Belnap
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  • Kristin Blanchard
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  • Former Rep Paul Neuenschwander
  • Former Lt Gov Val Oveson
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  • Many more to come!

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